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Communication and understanding are Burma Tolkecenter’s main focus points - to make connections between people is our aim and objective. Especially those in need - that’s where our hearts, brains and efforts engaged primarily.

Translators translate, but they are not always enough focused on communication. We humans often have difficulties at communicating and understanding each other. It’s not only a matter of translation. Burma Tolkecenter would like to provide assistance to bring a higher level of communication and understanding, thereby supply effectiveness.

Special focus on Myanmar refugees outside

Meeting refugee as a first time, the cultural differences, traumas and fear can be a big barrier. The Refugees do not dare to speak openly, and we do not dare to ask. No trust and no connection.

When a refugee previously told something to a stranger, their words has often been abused. That's how the people for generations have grown up in Myanmar – especially the Rohingyas. Most of the them have been grown up in fear and discrimination, seen others being killed or tortured for even small public statements.
After that kind of experiences for a refugee, it's not easy to tell “the story of their life” to a stranger at the first meeting. We from outside Myanmar do not dare to ask, because we are afraid to get to close to their intimate sphere. That’s a barrier to.

We behind Burma Tolkecenter have been active about communication as consultants and translators for Burmese refugees and schooling Rohingya refugee children in Denmark for more than 15 years. Actually some of us are Burmese refugees our self. 

To get to the truth and get close to the realities we have experienced, that it all communications start with a mutual secure relation. It will take time to establish secure and reliable relations. It will also take time to establish a common understanding, emotionally, culturally and linguistically. It’s need special pedagogical understanding.

Burma Tolkecenter always take approach in a Cognitive, Recourse based, Appreciative Pedagogy.All of us in Burma Tolkecenter are educated and trained in that approach and we have worked with this insight for several years.

We start from where we meet the person, is based psychologically, physically and the situation he or she
 is in. We make their point of view to our point of view to begin with. After that we find a way forward together in respect of religions, cultures, tradition and with our common knowledge.

Burma Tolkecenter has the understanding and insight, and we can therefore interpret and translate accurately. We are able to communicate in nearly all dialects and languages in Myanmar, click HERE (link:

We are a strong team, with several reliable translators, experienced teachers and pedagogical educated people in Denmark. We are not doing this for our own wealth or recognition – we are here to help people in need to get a decent life.

Honest and trustworthy intervention, communication, translation and interaction – Burma Tolkecenter.

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